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Friday, 22 September 2017
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Ladbrokes app guide
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888 Casino
Review of 888 casino app on Android
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Review of the 888 Android poker app
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Best betting apps for Android

Want to know what are the best Android betting apps and how to download them? Well you are on the right website! The Android betting app guide review all the latest and best betting apps available for Android mobiles and tablets. Our useful and helpful guides will help you download apps with simple instructions to make it easy to get them on your device. Upgrade your betting apps and get using the best betting apps for Android.

Over the last few years, Android has grown massively in popularity. It is now the most popular mobile operating system going! There are some fantastic Android phones and tablets on the market, not to mention smart TV’s and other devices running Android. As good as it may be, the one downfall is Google Play. Google will not allow any form of gambling or betting app available to download in there. This isn’t a big problem as you can download them away from Google Play. This is called side loading or using a 3rd party app. We get asked a lot if this is safe and if you download from a reputable site/app store then yes. Bookmakers have finally seen the need for betting apps on Android and most of them have responded with some fantastic betting apps for Android platform – phones and tablets. We have guides for all of the best Real money betting apps for Android.

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Android betting apps from Google Play

Looking in the Google Play store for betting apps or a specific bookmaker app won’t get you very far. Google do not allow any form of real money betting or gambling apps to be downloaded from their app store. Why you may ask? Well we aren’t 100% sure but it probably has something to do with them wanting to appear more ethical and not encourage gambling. Whatever their reason, they are standing by it and won’t change any time soon. Not a problem, download them separately!

We are pretty sure that most Android users know about side loading apps or downloading a 3rd party app, but if you don’t here is it what it means. You essentially say OK phone (or tablet) I want to install an app that isn’t on the Google Play store/market. Why do you need to do this to get a betting app on your Android device? Well Google will not allow any type of gambling or betting app (for real money) to be in there due to policy. So you will need to downloading Android betting apps outside of the normal store. This is just as easy and as long as you download from reputable app stores or sites, just as safe.

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bgo casino for Android

bgo casino Android app

Boasting over 500 Slot, Table, Jackpot, Bingo and Live Casino games, as well as a choice of fantastic welcome bonuses and 20 Free Spins for all new players, the bgo casino app for Android brings you one of best casino experiences to be found on mobile