Android betting apps ultimate guide


News 20-03-2021

Android 12 Enhance Your Mobile Betting

Although there’s currently no set date, rumors suggest that Android 12 will launch towards the end of 2021. While this is subject to change, the Google-developed operating system will likely unveil a beta version over the coming months. Nowadays, heightened numbers of players are enjoying the latest betting opportunities from their Android-powered smartphones. Speculation regarding […]

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mobile casino image
News 11-03-2021

Legit Mobile Casinos

Online casinos became a reality in 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing Act. However, it wasn’t until the smartphone got invented that this industry got a rocket strapped to its back and began growing its player pool year-on-year at an unprecedented rate. Today, it posts annual revenues of $93 billion, […]

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New Gambling Act
News 08-03-2021

5 Ways A New Gambling Act Could Change How You Bet

If you gamble online regularly then it’s more than likely that you have heard about proposed changes to regulation in the UK. The British government is currently undertaking a massive review of the 2005 Gambling Act, the piece of legislation which set the parameters in which the online gambling industry has thrived in the last […]

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News 10-02-2021

Is Paypal Safe For Mobile Casino Apps

There are numerous ways through which you can fund your online gambling activity in the modern age, from Visa debit card and the prepaid Paysafecard to your choice of e-wallets. PayPal is also an increasingly viable and popular payment method for players, with the platform having recorded 22% revenue growth in 2020 on the back […]

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Mobile casinos
News 28-01-2021

What Are the Top Mobile Casino Apps for 2021?

While it’s well known that more than 38% of total gambling revenue in the UK is now driven online, you may not be aware that more than 50% of the virtual GGY is wagered on mobile devices. As a result of this, operators have invested huge amounts in developing responsive mobile sites and native apps, […]

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Gambling Regulations
News 18-01-2021

Guide to UK Gambling Regulations

The gambling industry is thriving in the UK, and a large part of its success is down to how well-regulated it is by the country’s gambling commission (UKGC). All operators offering gambling services and products need to be licenced and there are a number of safeguards in place to protect players. The foundation of the […]

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mobile casino geolocation problems
News 18-01-2021

What is Geolocation in a mobile casino?

Casinos often have restrictions on who can use their site. This is particularly the case in the US where not every state can legally gamble. In an attempt to ensure that rules aren’t broken, geolocation is used to a high degree of success, but it isn’t without its problems. Recent years have seen important changes […]

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bingo card 2
News 10-12-2020

The Historic Games that First Inspired Bingo

Bingo has long been a staple on the entertainment scene, but through the many decades when its popularity has endured, it hasn’t always stayed the same. Rather, like most well-loved and widely enjoyed games, it has continually evolved, adapting to pop culture trends and changing tastes. This is nothing new; rather, it’s a common symptom […]

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News 26-11-2020

3 Ways to Bypass Geo-Blocking With Your Smartphone

There is nothing worse than traveling overseas and having your vacation ruined by not being able to access your favorite content online or play mega moolah. As different countries have different laws, you might encounter what is referred to as geo-blocking, a form of online censorship. But don’t panic quite yet! In today’s post, we […]

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Sint Veerleplein
News 25-11-2020

The influence of ancient mythology in casino gaming

Modern casino gaming platforms online utilize a range of themes and flavors as part of the design of the games. From humble origins in the 1990s, the brands behind the titles are almost as pivotal as the games themselves. A range of pop culture themes are utilized, from TV and film franchises through to more […]

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