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News 10-12-2020

The Historic Games that First Inspired Bingo

Bingo has long been a staple on the entertainment scene, but through the many decades when its popularity has endured, it hasn’t always stayed the same. Rather, like most well-loved and widely enjoyed games, it has continually evolved, adapting to pop culture trends and changing tastes. This is nothing new; rather, it’s a common symptom […]

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News 26-11-2020

3 Ways to Bypass Geo-Blocking With Your Smartphone

There is nothing worse than traveling overseas and having your vacation ruined by not being able to access your favorite content online or play mega moolah. As different countries have different laws, you might encounter what is referred to as geo-blocking, a form of online censorship. But don’t panic quite yet! In today’s post, we […]

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Sint Veerleplein
News 25-11-2020

The influence of ancient mythology in casino gaming

Modern casino gaming platforms online utilize a range of themes and flavors as part of the design of the games. From humble origins in the 1990s, the brands behind the titles are almost as pivotal as the games themselves. A range of pop culture themes are utilized, from TV and film franchises through to more […]

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Betfair Slingo
News 25-11-2020

A Brief Guide to Slingo

The world of online gaming is incredibly competitive. With thousands of internet providers existing across the globe, casinos are always looking to increase their offerings and add something new and exciting to their lineups. This means that freshly developed games and titles are continually being incorporated into their portfolios, and one recent addition to many […]

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News 24-11-2020

Will Khabib return to the UFC for that 30-0-0 record?

Everything started and finished with a trademark triangle choke for Khabib Nurmagomedov. From his very first professional MMA victory against Vusal Bayramov in September 2008, to the main event UFC 254 triumph against Justin Gaethje in October 2020, although that last foray into the octagon seems to have come with an important caveat, because this […]

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gambling addiction
News 10-11-2020

How to avoid a gambling addiction

To play at online casinos can be both fun and exciting. There is a lot of betting apps out there. You can try fun games and win a lot of money, but there is a dark side. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) reports that between 5.5 and 8 million adults have issues with […]

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Browser casino games
News 21-10-2020

Casino Apps vs. Mobile Browser: What should I choose?

Welcome to the new age, where online casino games are enjoyed all across the world on the go with a mobile device. Recent Gambling Commission figures reveal that 43% of online gamblers do so with their smartphones, and this is fantastic news for mobile casino enthusiasts and casino operators. For the casino it means more […]

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Roulette wheel
News 19-10-2020

Live Roulette For The Non-Experienced Player

Now more than ever before, players are taking their love of gambling and casino games online. From poker to craps to roulette, classic casino games are now better than ever when enjoyed from the comfort of our own homes. Convenient yet endlessly thrilling, online casino games are here to stay and roulette is one of […]

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News 29-09-2020

3 Best Payment Methods for Betting on Your Phone

There’s so much that you can do with your mobile phones now. Long gone are the days when they were just used to make and receive phone calls. Their many uses now include joining online betting sites and following the action on your travels. You can also carry out financial transactions on your mobile devices […]

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out of the box Android games
News 26-08-2020

Three Out-of-the-Box Gambling Games to Try on Your Android

When it comes to keeping ourselves entertained, most of us turn to our smartphones for assistance. Filled with a whole host of apps, as well as access to the internet, streaming sites, and our social media platforms, they very rarely let us down. However, there are times when we fancy something slightly different, and that’s when we […]

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