Android betting apps ultimate guide


News 23-08-2020

Where Will Online Casino Market Be in Five Years?

The online gambling market has been taking over the world in last the ten years thanks to technological advancements.  Online casino providers are developing high-quality games with amazing features to meet the needs of their players. Today, there are lots of online platforms that you can access so long as you are connected to the […]

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Mobile gaming
News 14-08-2020

Online Casinos on your phone

When it comes to enjoying online casinos on your phone, there are now more options than ever before. Whether you are looking to enjoy some poker, a few spins on the slots or a tense game of blackjack, your mobile device is now able to power some seriously slick gaming. The future is clearly online, […]

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Android mobile phone
News 31-07-2020

How to select a safe new casino app

Nowadays it can feel as if fresh casino sites are launching each and every day, offering gamers a higher degree of options than was ever thought possible. Of course, this is great news for players, yet the reality is that it can be tough to find a safe site with so many around. There are […]

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Casino reels
News 22-07-2020

5 Good Reasons To Choose A No Wager Casino Bonus

One of the most important things that any online casino player should do before playing at a new casino is to read the Terms & Conditions. No matter if you are an experienced high roller or a complete novice, people are always getting caught out with sneaky small print. There are lots of stories of […]

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Marked bingo card
News 13-07-2020

Online Bingo Themes

Bingo has enjoyed an incredible renaissance in the online setting and, in 2020, it is arguably more popular than it has ever been. This is down to the fact that developers and operators are working on modernizing the game to make it appeal to as many people as possible. On top of the traditional ways […]

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Retro computer
News 17-06-2020

Best Slots for Nostalgia-Seeking Players?

Retro themes have permeated mainstream media over the last few years, and iconic imagery from the 1980s and 1990s can be seen everywhere. In TV, series like Stranger Things and GLOW evoke 80s nostalgia, while in the console industry Nintendo has brought back classic platforms including the Nintendo Entertainment System. For mobile, there are titles […]

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USA sports betting
News 16-06-2020

Could more US states legalise online gambling?

Since the COVID-19 crisis began to spiral out of control back in March, there has been significant discussion about the effect it could have on the United States economy. Thousands have had their livelihoods ruined by the pandemic, meaning tax revenues across the country have decreased significantly. To cover the shortfall, many states may consider […]

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News 09-06-2020

Examining the New 2020 Standards in Mobile Casino Gaming

Mobile gaming is swiftly becoming the most important platform for iGaming and all other forms of gaming. It’s been found that in the video games market, 45 percent of revenues, amounting to $68.5 billion, came from mobile gaming in 2019. The convenience of smartphones, coupled with the ever-increasing power of devices, has seen it rise […]

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Online game
News 26-05-2020

How to Choose Online Betting Games That You’ll Really Enjoy

Whether you’re new to the world of slot games or an old hand with a taste for something different and exciting, there will come a time in your gaming career when you have to pick a particular title to play. Some people like to try a different slot every time they game; others find a […]

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cyber attacks
News 19-05-2020

Spoting a Trustworthy Casino

If you’re one of the millions of people around the world who have taken an interest in online casino gaming, you may have noticed the dizzying levels of choice on offer in this multi-billion-pound marketplace. There are quite literally thousands of online casinos that serve gamers in the UK and beyond today, all of which […]

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