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5 Ways to Win at Roulette

Roulette wheel

Roulette is one of the most popular games at a casino. If you attend a land-based casino you’ll notice the tables are often crowded with players waiting for the wheel to spin.

Online casinos are no different – roulette is a huge attraction. In fact, the operators even offer many roulette tables in their live casino, recreating some of the land-based atmosphere by being able to watch the dealer and wheel spin live in your browser.

Roulette can be tested online for free at many reputable online casinos, such as:

The game is believed to date back to the 17th Century, yet it’s arguably more popular than ever today.

For those new or experienced to the game, here are five ways you can win at roulette:

Pick A Colour

There are two colours to choose from – red or black. The numbers on wheel, 1-36 are divided into an even split of these two. However, there is also a green zero on European roulette and an additional double zero on American roulette, of which neither represents a colour.

This gives your probability of slightly below 50/50 whilst the odds are evens, meaning you double your money if you correctly call the colour of the pocket the ball lands in on the next spin.


Similar to betting on red or black, you can bet on the number being odd or even. And like the above selection, the number zero is not included in your bet.

As a result, you are given odds of evens to double your money with each spin but with the probability slightly below 50/50. What are the chances of the ball landing on the number zero though? Well, mathematically, it’s one in 37…

One-Third of The Numbers

There are several betting options you have and one of those is to select betting on one-third of the numbers. They are separated into the following groups:




This gives you odds of 2/1.

A 6-Number Combination

Betting on six numbers is done by positioning your chips on the line that separates two rows. This cannot be done anywhere on this line, it must be at the point of intersection with any one of the dozen boxes marked on the side.

This means the numbers you choose are designated on the mat. Payout is a tidy 5:1

Any single number

Go big or go home! There are 37 numbers on the wheel as you include the zero. Unfortunately, the zero is never included in the odds, hence the house having a slight edge in this one. If you’re feeling lucky then you may want to place your chips on a single number on the mat. This gives you a cool payout of 35:1 if you win.

Of course, you’re welcome to combine as many of these bets as you like as well as any other type of bets in roulette, to increase your chances of winning per spin. So you may consider putting a few chips on an evens bet, a couple of a six-number combination and the odd chip on a single number, for example. Best of luck!

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