Android Q

New Android Q

The 10th and latest version of Android is scheduled for release on the third quarter of 2019.  It’ll most probably be August, though the exact date isn’t clear as of today.

Regardless, it won’t be long before we can finally enjoy all the advantages it will bring. Speaking of which, there will be quite many of them.

You can already download the beta 3 version right now and check some of the features on your own (it’s available on 21 Android smartphones). Yet this won’t reveal all the new possibilities Android phones are getting with this new operating system.

For a full picture, simply take a look at the list of updates and new Android Q functions below. This way, you’ll be able to decide whether you need it as soon as it becomes available to the public.

What’s New in Android Q

  • New gesture system (including side swipe to replace the back button)
  • Dark mode system view
  • Live caption media transcribing
  • Screen recording feature
  • Improved permission requests
  • Removed snooze on notifications
  • Smarter battery saving mode
  • Scoped Storage (new controls for apps’ access to external files)
  • Improved 5G support
  • Face ID-recognition
  • Additional developer tools

These are the main changes within the system though, obviously, it’s not the full list. There are many more minor updates too. Some of them might be of great importance to certain users, even though they aren’t significant.

In any case, with the new Android OS, it’ll be easier than ever to share data, browse the internet and consume media. It’ll also be easier to enjoy mobile games or even mobile casinos; check out which ones are legitimate and customer friendly over at MobileSlotSites.

Compared with new Android devices coming up at the same time, you’ll have more flexibility and potential than ever.

New Battery Saving Mode Options

Android Q will include an option to automatically turn off battery saving mode when the phone charges. Upon reaching a certain percentage, the battery mode will immediately shift back to normal.

This was never possible before and it should prove to be a handy feature. Not only will it save you time but also increase your device’s longevity in case you forget to switch it off yourself.

5G on Android Q

Accessing data on the web will be more efficient with the new system. Certain in-built APIs will help apps detect user connection rate and latency.

As a result, developers will be able to precisely control how much data the user will receive for an optimal experience. It’s especially useful in cases when the connection is slow or there are limits put in place.

System-Wide Dark Mode

Available in quick access and settings, there are two view modes. By default, the light mode is always on but you can switch it to dark mode when browsing at night.

The feature affects all the menus, notifications, home screen and some apps. You can even force the dark theme on all apps via developer options. However, that might make some of the software not as user-friendly.

Improved Gestures

Android Q is getting more similar to iOS in terms of the gestures you can make. You can now swipe up in the navigation bar to go home or swipe sideways to go back.

Swipe up and pause to access the app switcher. Swipe left or right on the navigation bar to switch between apps instantly. These new features will make multitasking easier and faster than ever.

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