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Are Betting Apps Better Than Browser Betting?

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Betting is a popular pastime that was once only available at specific local betting shops and racinos. However, with the advent of the internet, online sportsbooks made sure the opportunity was available to virtually everyone. All you needed was a computer or laptop and access to an online bookmaker. The introduction of smartphones made betting more accessible, giving remote players on the go a chance to bet at their convenience. Today, fans and punters can effortlessly wager on their favorite games and teams regardless of where they are. You can use a dedicated betting app or explore the online sportsbook directly on your phone’s browser. Here’s a comparison of the two for those looking to pick the better solution:

What Are Dedicated Betting Apps?

As the name suggests, dedicated betting apps are apps specifically designed for betting. These apps are available for either Android or iOS devices. Some sportsbooks have cross-platform betting apps, but most bookmakers provide distinct options for each OS. You can download the Android betting app from the Google Play Store, while the iPhone (iOS) betting app is available at the Apple App Store. Dedicated betting apps must be installed from the respective stores, which means they take up space on your device. You must also have a compatible device and version of the app. The best sports betting apps are designed to work on modern smartphones, so you can install them on any device created within the past decade. However, some apps may present issues when dealing with older devices. Make sure your device meets all the requirements to enjoy the best betting experience.

What Is Browser Betting?

Browser betting simply refers to betting directly on your phone’s browser. Android and iOS devices come with native browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. You can also install third-party browsers like Opera. These browsers are also available for laptops. You can use them to explore all kinds of websites, including betting sites. Simply type the URL of the sportsbook on the browser. Alternatively, you can search the name of the sportsbook on engines like Google or Bing, or use links from credible betting review sites. A browser allows you to explore the same website available for laptop users, albeit optimized for mobile devices. Mobile sports betting sites are responsive and adapt to your screen’s capabilities. You can enjoy the same features, sports and betting markets available on laptop websites and dedicated apps. It’s also possible to download a website shortcut app to your device’s home screen. This allows you to bypass the browser and go directly to the betting site. However, you’ll still be betting on the mobile-responsive site.

Dedicate App vs. Browser Betting

Both dedicated betting apps and browser betting offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy real money wagers on the go. The decision to choose one over the other is entirely preferential. However, each option has unique benefits over the other. Dedicated betting apps are notably more reliable as they’re independent of the browser. It’s harder to breach them because they’re provided by the bookmaker and strictly regulated by the respective stores. Browsers often leave you vulnerable to attacks, especially if you choose unverified browsers. You may also be subject to ads, redirects, delayed loading, and glitching. However, installing an app on your device requires storage space.

Since most punters set up accounts with various bookmakers to leverage bonuses and shop for competitive odds, this may end up slowing down your device. For instance, installing 20 betting apps would simply be impractical. In such cases, the browser is a welcomed convenience that doesn’t require any downloads. Simply bookmark your favorite sportsbooks and access them from the browser. You can sign up for as many sites as you want without worrying about space. In fact, you can have home screen shortcut apps that take you directly to the bookmaker so you don’t have to go through the browser again. That said, both options have the same sports, bonuses and features. It all boils down to personal preferences and what you need to achieve.

Which Option Should I Choose?

If you have limited storage space or RAM, you might want to limit the number of on-device installations, in which case browser betting is more practical. Similarly, if you fancy dedicated, glitch-free experiences explicitly designed for your device, apps are the best. Browser betting is always an option even if you have a dedicated app and it allows you to explore new sites without necessarily installing their apps on your device. However, browsers can crash, especially if you have many tabs opened at the same time. Dedicated apps are specifically optimized for the operating system and work seamlessly to provide the best betting experience. You can try both experiences to determine which one works better for you. However, this isn’t always possible because some sportsbooks simply don’t have dedicated betting apps.

Key Takeaways About Betting Apps

Sports betting apps are a convenient addition to the virtual betting experience you can leverage whenever you want. In most cases, you don’t really need an app since most sites are mobile-responsive. You can also take advantage of home screen apps to save space and reduce the steps needed to reach your favorite bookmaker website. However, apps have an exclusive feel to them that transcends the mere mobile browser experience. You can also enjoy a more streamlined and branded betting experience that’s much closer to what you get when using a laptop.

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