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The biggest scratch card wins


Scratch cards have long been a popular way to try your luck for some extra cash. The thrill of nipping down to the corner shop to get your card and scratching off the shiny silver foil has endured for generations. Nowadays, the prizes are bigger than ever, with many winning life-changing amounts of money.

There are also more ways to enjoy scratch cards than ever before. The rise of internet technology has meant that you can now play scratch card casino games online, giving you every chance to win some extra pocket money or a big jackpot from the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to scratch cards, nothing beats that winning feeling, whether it’s a small amount or an earth-shattering sum. Here, we take a look at a few instances of people landing massive windfalls from humble scratch cards.

Pub manager left toasting his success

In 2016, pub kitchen manager Amadou Gillen, from Wiltshire in England, struck it lucky when he won £4 million on a £10 National Lottery scratch card. The Wetherspoons worker was having his break on a 12-hour shift when he scratched the card and realised his life was about to change forever.

“When I saw the number ‘4’ on the card I knew they didn’t pay out £40, so I knew it had to be £4million,” Gillen said. “I scratched off the rest and oh my, I was so excited – but I put the card back in my pocket, and went back to finish the rest of my shift. It was certainly a long shift that day.”

Gillen did not have too many grand aims in terms of spending his cash, just an upgrade from his one-bed flat to a three-bedroom house, along with a series of driving lessons. We hope he’s managed to treat himself since then!

Taxi driver on the road to riches

Melissa Ede, who worked as a taxi driver in Hull, couldn’t believe her luck when she also won £4 million on a £10 scratch card. She had bought the card in a petrol station and was left jumping for joy when she revealed the big prize.

“I had filled up with fuel and received £12 change,” said Ede. “The £10 scratch card just caught my eye so with the money that I had left in my hand I bought one. I just thought if I can win £100 this will be great, I could have my first New Year’s off in 25 years. Everyone dreams of winning the lottery but you never think it is going to happen to you but now it has, it’s the most amazing feeling ever.”

Sadly, Ede passed away last year after suffering a heart attack, but her legacy lives on thanks to her work as an LGBT rights campaigner and her popular YouTube channel.

A very merry millionaire

Audrey White, a 58-year-old from Felixstowe in England, was left rubbing her eyes in disbelief after a quirk of fate left her a cool £1 million richer. White had intended to by a £2 scratch card but the shop assistant accidentally reached for a £5 Merry Millions card. Instead of getting her to change it, White decided to roll with it and the £5 card revealed that she was a millionaire.

“I think being given the wrong card was meant to be,” White later said. “But I’m not money-oriented; I don’t drive, I hate the sun, hate the water – so I wasn’t going to buy a flash car, a holiday or a cruise. I carried on working for another two years. It paid off my mortgage and gave me security, but it hasn’t changed who I am.”

With online casinos now giving you the chance to win both at home and on-the-go, there’s no reason why you couldn’t be the next lucky winner to reveal a big prize. The question is, what would you do with all that extra dough?

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