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Can you Trust Casino App Reviews?

Online reviews

With 84% of people reading online reviews regularly, there’s a chance you are one of them. Maybe you don’t install betting apps before you get a stamp of approval from your favourite review website. Perhaps you are the kind of person who prefers to read opinions from fellow customers.

Regardless, there’s no denying that not all reviews can be trusted these before. Should you even rely on them to make decisions?

Reviews Matter

Let’s face it. Reviews are essential, especially now that play stores are jam-packed with casino apps. They help us sort out apps so that we only pay attention to top picks from expert reviewers. But what can you do to ensure you make decisions based on genuine reviews?

  • Stick to Trusted Websites

Most people love to compare reviews. It’s great but it also a sure way to lead you to biased reviews sites that don’t reveal only one aspect of a casino app. As such, find platforms known for providing objective reviews and stick to them whenever you want to learn about a new app.

If you want to find out about Casoola Casino, a new gambling site, read its review at your favourite UK casinos’ review website. Not only will you find an objective analysis, but you’ll also find out what it has in store for British players.

  • Read Both Positive and Negative Reviews

It’s not enough to know a casino accepts players from your country. Also, find out its strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can compare it with several other apps and choose the one you like the most.

Beware of Bogus Reviews

In 2018, Amazon initiated a war on fake reviews so much that it fired some of its employees it suspected of enabling the culture. Amazon isn’t alone in having thousands of fake reviews. Lots of online casino apps have the same problem.

On one end, some gambling sites pay people to post 5-star reviews on forums. On the other, some people rate iGaming apps negatively purely based on prejudice. They might have provided wrong information to a casino but got angry when their account got suspended.

How can you avoid bogus reviews?

  • Check the reviewer’s profile

People with suspiciously new accounts post most fake reviews. What’s more, they don’t add profile pictures or provide anything more than a name. On the contrary, legitimate reviews come from people whose profiles include necessary information like their names, profile pictures and location.

  • One-sided reviews

This is a pretty standard feature of bogus reviews. If someone has been paid to promote an app, they will exaggerate its features. It’s not unusual for fake reviews to include superlatives. This is done to emphasize the superiority of the app being promoted.

In the real sense, you want to read reviews in which you can learn both the good and the bad of a casino app.  Read the latest review of Casushi casino to get a feeling of what to expect from an objective evaluation. It’s a fun and engaging read that also remains neutral enough to let you decide whether it’s a gambling site you want to join.

Does the length of a review matter?

In an era when people can write lengthy paragraphs criticizing apps they hate; the length of a review isn’t necessarily an indication of its legitimacy. Some only publish one-word reviews for no reasons at all. Others prefer medium or length reviews.

Against that backdrop, it’s not the length of a review that matters but the content provided. To illustrate, consider two reviews. One has generalized information about a casino app; using words like “great,” “worst” or “scam.”

Then there’s a review that goes into detail to explain why an app is worth it or why it’s not worth your time. Which review would you trust? Precisely, focus on the words used to review an app more than anything else. published these tips to help you spot illegitimate reviews before they stopped posting new content:

  • A review that repeats the app’s name over and over
  • A poorly worded comment
  • Content written in all caps
  • Includes lots of red flag words

Reviews you can Verify

One of the best things about app reviews is that you can verify whatever is claimed. If a site says a specific casino offers a 100% bonus offer, you can visit the casino and verify it’s true. If a review claims a betting site offers in-play, you can check it out.

Due to that, website reviews tend to be legitimate. Some sites exist solely to compare casino apps. And because they know you can verify most of their content, they are less inclined to lie. That doesn’t mean you should trust every guide from a review platform.

But when comparing reviews from experts versus players, the former wins. A gambler could give you ten reasons not to join a casino. But when you do, you could find out most of the claims he made were false. By comparison, an expert wouldn’t do the same, knowing their reputation is at stake.

Reviews Vary by Culture

Studies after studies show people’s cultures influence their reviews. European customers, for example, aren’t as generous with ratings as their American counterparts. Due to that, a casino app rated 3-star could be a 5-star in the eyes of someone else.

What can you do about it?

  • Read Beyond Comments

If you can’t figure out why some people rate an app 2-stars and others 5-stars, find an in-depth review from a reliable website. Learn the app’s features, games offered, bonuses and their terms.

If you still have questions, direct them to the casino’s support staff. A great casino app will have agents that reply to complaints quickly. On the other hand, a poorly run company will ignore your questions or find a way not to answer you back.

  • Create your Reviews

If you can’t trust people’s opinions, download an app and test it. Register an account and claim no deposit spins to evaluate it. Ensure you contact support agents to find out how reliable they are.

You could also deposit the minimum amount to assess its payments’ department. In the end, you’ll have answered all your answers of whether it’s a casino app you should use or not.

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