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Casino Apps vs. Mobile Browser: What should I choose?

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Welcome to the new age, where online casino games are enjoyed all across the world on the go with a mobile device. Recent Gambling Commission figures reveal that 43% of online gamblers do so with their smartphones, and this is fantastic news for mobile casino enthusiasts and casino operators. For the casino it means more clients while for the player, more games and more chances to win.

Play Casino Games with an App Or From Your Mobile Browser?

Online gambling enthusiasts that have been playing online for years might feel apprehensive about playing their favourite games on a small screen. Most people are creatures of habit, and translating their favourite games to a small screen might be a point of concern. However, for players that are nervous about making the switch, bear in mind that although the images maybe a little smaller, the graphics are sharper and the quality of the interface as a whole tends to be as good, if not better. The best games to play are the ones that can be enjoyed from desktop, tablet or mobile device, without losing any quality.

Benefits of Playing at Mobile Casinos

At the end of the day, whether you play via your browser or download a dedicated app filled with casino games, mobile devices are simply better now than they have ever been before. Playing casino games with your mobile phone is just as exciting as desktop gambling. Whether from a desktop, tablet, Android or iOs device, players can access a fine library of top quality games, collect bonuses, free spins and promotions, chat to the customer service team and deposit by using one of the many payment providers. These days most modern smartphones are more than capable of running any type of casino game without compromising on graphics or features. In the past, most games were coded using Flash, a software programme that is notoriously incompatible with mobile operating systems, but today, the mobile gambling industry has moved away from Flash and uses HTML5 coding. This means that all the casino games can be played from any browser without compromising on quality. For players that enjoy the most cutting edge slots and table games, you can find a selection of these British games on mobiles right here.

Playing your favourite slots and table games like Blackjack and Roulette from your mobile device is also very convenient. While your desktop is confined to a specific location, and laptops can be cumbersome, with a tablet or a mobile phone, players can enjoy online gaming from wherever they are at any time of the day or night.

Personal Choice

The question remains, play with an app or from your mobile browser? In reality, it doesn’t make much difference and solely depends on personal choice. Technology has advanced at such as rapid rate that players today can enjoy all their favourite slots and table games from anywhere they are, while at a coffee shop, waiting in a long queue or from their favourite couch at home.

Another reason for playing from your mobile device is the bonuses and promotions you can claim and start your gaming with. Whether you play at with a mobile casino App or from your browser, there are always bonuses you can claim. You’ll also find that mobile casino payment options are now easier to use too.

Back in the early days, when online gaming enthusiasts had to figure out whether to download a casino app or use the Flash-based instant play option, this was an easy choice. If the app was compatible with your operating system and you had enough space, then downloading an app was the better option, but if not, then Flash was the only convenient way to play online casino games. Things have changed a lot since those days and today, playing from your mobile browser offers the same quality and gaming experience as an app does. As for which is the better option, it’s purely a matter of personal choice. On the one hand, most dedicated apps offer fewer games than a browser-based platform. On the other hand, playing with an app is as fast as a ‘tap’ while logging into the casino to play your favourite games from your browser takes much longer.

Even back in 2013, more than 20 million people in the UK were playing mobile games on their phone. Today that figure is astronomical and for good reason, it’s fun. Our final take is that as long as the casino site is designed properly, it doesn’t matter too much whether you use an app or a browser.

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