How to Find Your Perfect Betting App

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Betting and gambling have long been among the most popular pastimes, but with the rise of the internet and mobile technology, betting has become even more accessible, even easier, and a lot more fun. Online bookies offer in-depth markets across thousands of sporting events and occurrences every single day, making the betting experience a more enjoyable and complete one that it was just a decade ago.

Nowadays, the overwhelmingly popular way to bet is via mobile devices. The mobile internet helped a lot, allowing bettors to place their wagers whenever they wanted, but the old websites struggled to provide an enjoyable betting experience on the smallest screen. But, thanks to betting apps, betting from a mobile phone or tablet is just as easy, if not even easier than placing a bet on the website.

So, it should come as no surprise that bettors seeking new online bookmakers or are looking to place a bet for the first time turn to the many mobile betting apps available on the market. But, with so many options, how do you find the one that’s best for you?

Here, we’ll be breaking down the key elements of betting apps that you should look for when deciding which betting app to install on your phone and sign-up to, including its compatibility, offering, and the potential to get free stuff.

The need for a smooth app

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The whole point of mobile betting is that it’s fast, convenient, smooth, and easy. So, having a clunky app that’s slow to open or place bets and is hard to navigate is not what any mobile bettor wants. When considering which app to install, be sure to check out its compatibility with your device.

One of the best improvements on the Google Play Store in recent times is its compatibility checker. Before, there was simply just a list of operating system versions or sometimes phone models which were compatible with the app. Now, on the Google Play website, next to the app icon on its page, it says whether the app is compatible with your Android devices.

When a new Android operating system comes out and is installed on devices, most apps will update very quickly to enable use on the new system. For example, when the latest Android OS, Pie, came out, all of the top betting apps released an update for optimized compatibility with the new operating system.

Having a fast and easy-to-use app is vital to your betting experience, with a slow and cumbersome app causing little more than frustration – especially if you like to bet in play.

There are bonuses on offer

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With so many top-class betting apps on the Android market, the deciding factor for many bettors can be the free bonuses that are on offer. If you’re a new customer to an online bookmaker, there’s a strong chance that you’ll be offered a bonus for signing up and making a deposit regardless of if you already have an account with another betting site or are completely new on the scene.

The bonus welcome offers are more commonly associated with online signups, but the vast majority of the best mobile betting apps will also offer the chance for new customers to opt-in for the same welcome bonus despite joining via their mobile device.

As accounts are linked between devices with online bookmakers, you can claim and use the bonuses on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet at your discretion. By way of an example, Oddschecker’s free William Hill offer of bet £10 get £30 can be claimed for use on the William Hill website or the Android mobile app if the new customer so chooses.

With so many great mobile betting apps available for Android users, many bettors opt to make the most of the competitive field by cashing in on the welcome offers and free bets available.

Get the markets that you want

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The best way to ensure that you get to bet on the markets that you want is to download the betting app, scroll through the sports available, and then select a potentially appealing game to you to see if they offer the game-to-game markets that you seek.

Most betting apps will have a strong and in-depth offering for the biggest sports, such as soccer, horse racing, tennis and football. But, for the somewhat more niche sports, the more specific markets can be hard to come by.

A prime example of this is in the hockey betting. One market that many find to be the best to bet on is the player point scorer markets. As the top players in leagues like the NHL average over a point per game by the conclusion of the season, stacking point scorers into accumulators can be a fun way to play. Still, the number of online betting services which offer such markets is relatively small compared to those who offer intricate markets in the more popular sports for betting.

So, if you perceive your sport to perhaps be more of a niche offering in the wider scale of betting, it’s well worth downloading many betting apps or visiting many betting websites to see which bookmakers offer the markets that you want to bet on.

Be sure to get a good look at the many great betting apps on offer in the Google Play Store, keeping an eye out for free bonuses, app compatibility, and the markets available.

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