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The vast growth of the gambling industry in the UK and across the globe can be majorly attributed to the increased level of technology. The highest online casino traffic is certainly coming from smartphones.

The introduction of casino apps that are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones was one of the greatest steps that have created a bright future for the gambling industry.

Every obsessed casino gambler will agree that mobile casino gaming is slowly taking over. You will notice that most people who are gambling avid no longer go to land bases casino houses. They just sit at their couch and do the scrolling right with their phones. It is so easy, so even high roller players now play mobile casinos. After all, everyone is looking for a way to win bonuses and jackpots.

After considering the popularity of smartphones, the casino industry deemed it fit to optimize most of their games. Now you can access virtually any game via your smartphone or download their app from the Google PlayStore.

The Dilemma of Many Gamblers

Although the gambling industry has done its work of optimizing their games to be played with mobile phones, most gamblers are still at crossroads. The dilemma that has hit many millennial gamblers is whether they should download the casino apps or instant play the game.

So what’s the difference between instant play and gambling apps. Before we have an in-depth look at each one of them, the basic understanding of these two that you should have at the back of your mind is that, in instant play, you play your casino game on your browser directly while gambling apps require you to download an application and using it to play the game.

Instant Play Mobile Casinos

Most gambling companies are trying their best to get the most out of their players and customers. Besides, they want to increase the convenience of gamblers. That means you have an easy time playing your casino game.

Therefore, they have come up with mobile optimized games that can easily be played using chrome, internet explorer or any other browser. Although this is an upgrade and improvement from the norm of going to physical casino houses, it is increasingly becoming popular.

As usual, these instant play sites will require you to register before starting to play any casino game. Beautifully, the registration process is quite simple. After registration, you will probably need to deposit to start playing. Others may require to upgrade to the premium plan to enjoy some perks.

One major advantage of using instant play casino games is the way they don’t take the space of your smartphone. Of course, some phones come with little internal storage space. If you download an app, the more you use it and play, the more it occupies a higher space. But that is not so with instant play casino games.

Secondly, instant play gambling casinos are more convenient. Within seconds you are on your game enjoying. However, there are cons of using these browser games. First, the graphics are highly affected and can be very disappointing for a person who is used to HD images.

Secondly, the responsive design of the game is affected especially when browsing on a smartphone that has a small screen. The size of the screen is a major determinant of how well instant play casino games will be displayed.

Gambling Apps

This is the second way you can play your mobile casino games. With this method, you will need to download an app from the Google Play Store or any other store so that you can enjoy your game. Fortunately, many games are now having apps for Android, Windows, and iOS users.

Although it is not so convenient at first, in that you have to download the app first before starting your game, it has the highest number of fans compared to instant play, especially among smartphone users.

Another downside of these gambling apps method is the way it takes up your smartphone space. When much of the internal storage of your phone is at use, the phone tends to start hanging and eventually becomes slow.

This is a common problem among gamblers that are using gambling apps to play their favorite mobile casino games. The only way out is to use the instant play method or upgrading their smartphones.

Despite the above downsides of gambling apps, many gambling fanatics prefer it because of how easy it is to use. You can place the app on the home page of your smartphone and easily open the app by just touching it.

With gambling apps, you will have a better experience when it comes to the appearance of the game. That means that you have better graphics and overall game selection. Another reason why many are using these download casino apps is how they fit the screen of your phone.

No matter the screen size of your smartphone, the graphics on the game will be clear. This is because the apps are specially optimized to have that compatibility with all the smartphone devices.

Some Tips to Efficient Gaming

Whether you have chosen to use gambling apps or instant play mobile casino, some things will affect the overall experience you have. These factors affect any of these methods:

  • The stability of the internet – you will need to have a stable internet if you are going to have smooth gaming. Internet affects both the gambling app and the browser. If you are having slow and spotty internet, don’t think you will have smooth gaming.
  • The version of your device – every year, there are newer versions of Android and iOS phones that are being released into the market. If you are using an old and outdated version, you may not like the outcome of your gaming.


From the pros and cons we have listed above, you can now tell why many gamblers are in dilemma and are overwhelmed when it comes to choosing gambling apps or instant play mobile casinos. Well, we have taken you through the ups and downs of both of them and now you have a choice to make. But, why not use both of them and notice the difference between the two from your experience and make the right decision?

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