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Is Paypal Safe For Mobile Casino Apps


There are numerous ways through which you can fund your online gambling activity in the modern age, from Visa debit card and the prepaid Paysafecard to your choice of e-wallets.

PayPal is also an increasingly viable and popular payment method for players, with the platform having recorded 22% revenue growth in 2020 on the back on changing consumer behaviour and increased e-commerce activity.

But is PayPal safe for mobile casino apps? You can find more information here, but we’ve provided a further breakdown in the article below:

How to Use PayPal Online

PayPal is certainly one of the easiest ways to credit your account and withdraw winnings, as you’ll need is a viable Internet connection and an existing PayPal account.

You’ll also have to ensure that the account has a debit card attached to it, or is at least connected to a bank account in your name. You can link your PayPal profile to a debit card with relative ease, while the process of launching an account in the first place also takes just a matter of moments.

You’ll have to head over to PayPal’s website to open your account, but this is inherently secure and all personal datasets (such as your address, email and phone number) will be fully encrypted and safeguarded.

Before we delve into whether or not PayPal is a fully secure option, it’s important to consider the main pros and cons of the platform. One of the biggest advantages is undoubtedly its aforementioned ability to encrypt your private data, which is particularly important when sharing financial information with your chosen casino platforms.

PayPal also boasts a huge infrastructure that allows for considerable scale, which in turn translates into increased transaction speeds and minimal fees.

In fact, the speed of PayPal transactions is legendary, with most taking no more than a few seconds to complete regardless of the application or merchant in question.

We also like the fact that PayPal can be linked directly to your bank account, which allows you to transfer funds seamlessly without sharing your bank account number or sort code. This also enables you to benefit from using PayPal even if you don’t have funds in your account, which is a huge boon for people who don’t use their account regularly.

This also adds to the immense convenience of PayPal, which like all e-wallets provides immense flexibility and considerable ease-of-use.

But what are the downsides to using PayPal? Well, to begin with, PayPal isn’t supported by all UK operators, with a surprisingly large number not offering this as a viable payment option to UK players.

So, it may not be a good idea to use this if you favour the utilisation of a single payment method for online or mobile gambling, as you cannot bank on it being available across the board.

In other cases, there’s a small number of operators that also charge customers who process payments through PayPal. While this practice is being wound down under pressure from the UKGC, it’s still something to look out for when wagering online.

Occasionally, PayPal (and similar e-wallets) may also be excluded from welcome bonus offers, which is why you should always take time to read the T&Cs of potential offers before making a final commitment.

Is PayPal Safe for Mobile Casinos?

Perhaps the single biggest advantage of PayPal is its enhanced security features, with transactions and data protected by modern encryption protocols.

128-bit SSL encryption is used throughout the site, which is the same industry standard adopted and shared by online casino platforms.

This should provide huge peace of mind to players, particularly those who are wagering online and accessing their favourite games and casinos on a frequent basis.

But does the same rule apply when gambling on mobile devices? The short answer is yes, as both mobile casino websites and the PayPal app are fully encrypted and secure, enabling you to transfer funds securely on the move whilst safeguarding your most sensitive data.

For operators that offer PayPal as a viable payment method, you can also use this securely regardless of whether you access their mobile platform through a Web browser or native app. While all gambling brands now operate a responsive mobile site, a growing number are also developing native apps in iOS, Android and Windows, with the latter introducing an additional layer of security for mobile gamblers.

Regardless of how you access your mobile gambling content, you can use PayPal safely and easily at all times, so long as you have a secure Internet connection at all times.

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