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Why mobile casino players should look towards live casino game shows

Monopoly Live

It’s a common misconception that mobile casino enthusiasts are best to stick with online slot games when it comes to betting on-the-go, this is because iGaming developers always create new titles with ‘mobile-first’ in mind.

Casinos are becoming increasingly generous with their no wager free spins, and so there don’t seem to be many opportunities to play anything else, let alone explore the many different types of casino game available.

However, it seems that there’s a new player on the mobile betting scene, and it’s bigger, better and most importantly is bringing world record wins to hundreds of players at a time.

We’re talking about the newest Evolution Gaming live casino game show, Monopoly Live.

This groundbreaking title has helped bring life to the live casino scene like never before with thousands of players flocking to their favourite casino to hit the bonus board with Mr. Monopoly.

For those unaware of the inner-workings of this fantastic game, players must bet on which segments the game wheel will land on when spun by the charismatic live presenter. When the wheel lands on 2 roll or 4 roll a bonus game is launched in which dice are rolled and Mr. Monopoly walks around the board collecting multipliers that are placed there strategically.

Four million reasons to try Monopoly Live next time you visit your favourite mobile casino

On the morning of Wednesday 19th February a total of 478 players played the spin of their life when Monopoly Live paid out millions after a world record multiplier of x6400 landed during the bonus round.

Just like the real life Monopoly board game, those who played the game smartly were rewarded by the banker, as the game paid out an incredible €4,063,417 ($4,395,215.32) to those who had placed a bet on the elusive 4 roll segment of the game wheel.

Normally, when the wheel lands on 4 roll players can expect to enjoy on average around 33 times their initial bet, however on this occasion the two previous spins were consecutive chance cards, the odds of which are incredibly long.

As a result of this unheard of double, every single spot on the board in the bonus round was multiplied by x80, which is why so much money was able to be made when Mr. Monopoly set off in this exciting augmented reality segment of the game.

The very first roll of the dice yielded double six. In Monopoly Live ANY double dice roll means that players get an extra roll. This mind boggling additional stroke of luck meant that players got to make their way even further around the board than initially expected.

Hundreds of huge wins

There are many people who will have only placed the minimum bet of 0.10 on the 4 roll segment who received €640 for their efforts, which certainly isn’t bad going for such a small stake. Those who bet €1 will feel even better, raking in a massive €6,400.

However, there were a handful of players that really went all out. Six players received in excess of €100,000 each, with one player making an incredible €444,719… Only a few thousand away from the maximum win on Monopoly Live which is half a million euros.

Next time you log into your favourite mobile casino take a moment to decide whether you’re going to play the same old slot, or whether you’re going to take your chances at a live casino game show instead.

They look and sound great, run smoothly on all devices and bring a completely new dimension to your time spent playing casino games online… We promise it’ll be worth it!

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