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Popularity of live casino gaming in Germany

iGaming Germany

Gambling has always been an extremely popular pastime for many Germans, so it is far from a surprise to learn that the online casino industry has been able to thrive within the European nation.

New online casino legislation

One of the major reasons why the market is likely to experience a huge amount of growth and surge in popularity is down to the introduction of new legislation that actually allows for iGaming activities to take place legally within the country. Up until October 2020, online gambling had been largely illegal within Germany except for in the state of Schleswig-Holstein since 2011 as the passing of the “Gambling Act” allowed for bettors within this region to actively participate in online wagering.

However, international operators were allowed to enter the market and offer German players for a period of time between October 2020 and July 2021 without a licence, as long as they demonstrated that they could be compliant and accept the conditions that were placed. However, from July 1st, a new federal law, which is known as “Glücksspielstaatsvertrag”, was introduced for the whole of Germany, meaning everyone was able to benefit from playing and hosting iGaming activities throughout the nation.

This will have likely contributed to the rise in live casino gaming and the surge in popularity that has been experienced. Of course, another underlying factor that may have helped increase the popularity of live casino gaming could be due to the long lockdowns that had been experienced in Europe, with online casinos experiencing new levels of traffic that would have been higher than they had ever previously had.

Live dealer casino games have always been popular

However, some would argue that whilst the new legislation will have only allowed for the popularity levels to surge to new levels, live dealer casino games have always been a choice of game that many within Germany have always looked to play and favoured over others that are available. In fact, it is expected that they will completely dominate the online casino industry by 2025.

Some will point to the fact that these games are amongst some of the most innovative and are thought to be the future of the iGaming industry. This is because they can provide some of the most authentic experiences possible, whilst also being incredibly immersive at the same time due to the technology involved and used.

Live casino games are extremely convenient as they can be played from the comfort of a person’s home whilst providing a realistic traditional casino experience that features real-time action and a dealer who is trained professionally and as interactive as they would be in a real establishment.

Speaking of interaction, other casino players who opt to play these particular types of games are also able to communicate with each other and the dealer, thus continuing to provide a rather social aspect that can be enjoyed.


Live casino gaming has certainly come on leaps over recent years and it is only expected to become more popular with punters in Germany following the decision to introduce new legislation. Many already love the fact that the games provide them with all of the real experiences that can be experienced when going to a traditional casino whilst playing anywhere they wish. Expect these particular types of games to explode in popularity further in the future, though, with more and more likely to give this type of game a go and enjoy the benefits that they bring.

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