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It’s an enjoyable experience going down to your local casino and playing on the Roulette and Blackjack tables. Even better of course if your luck is in and the big wins head in your direction. However, you can’t go to the casino every night and the cost of the taxi fares and night buses home mount up. Don’t worry because there’s just as much fun to be had playing with live dealers at online casinos.

A Whole New World

Recent years have seen the popularity of online casinos grow and grow. Why spend all that time getting ready to go to the local casino, when you can play in the comfort of your own home?  Make some sandwiches, settle down in front of your PC and start playing the games online. You can also play here, there and everywhere If playing the live casino games on your mobile devices.

Online casinos offer their customers ample opportunities to play their favourite games, whether it be Baccarat, Poker, Roulette or Blackjack. There are big prizes to be won but they often lack the feel of being in a real casino. That’s where the growth in the number of sites that offer live dealers comes into play.

Welcome Offers and Promotions Available

Online gambling sites are always keen to attract new customers in a highly competitive market. This means they make some attractive welcome offers and regular promotions. For example, a site could offer a $25 free bet for live dealer games. Others have special promotions where bonuses are received if winning on a certain number on the Roulette table.

Just Like the Real Thing

The Live Dealers are situated in studios and you can often see and hear other tables in the background.  Everything you see is real, it’s not a dealer in front of a video screen. It really is like being in your local casino as you watch the live dealer in action.

The live casinos are powered by webcam technology of the highest order. Everything is clear to see which is important when playing these games. Sound is good and it’s a highly enjoyable experience.

Top casino software developers including Microgaming and Playtech have helped create excellent live casinos. Other companies such as Entertasia, HoGaming and Evolution Gaming have also been instrumental in giving players excellent live casinos in which to play.

You can play the games in full screen and some allow you to view all the bets placed by other players, especially when playing Roulette and Blackjack. Games can be played at different speeds too, so If you are a quick-thinking player, you’d love that. There’s also the ability to have a chat with the dealer, just as you would down at your local casino.

Plenty of Variety

Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and the live dealer sites will offer several different versions of games. There will be tables available for those who only want to play with low stakes and others for high rollers.

It’s good to look for a site that has plenty of live tables available, the more the better especially on a busy night. There will be plenty of information available for the player. This will include the all-important game rules and a history of recent winning numbers if you are playing Roulette. As you can see, playing online with live dealers has plenty to offer you, so take a look and see what’s on offer.

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