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Lottoland jackpot

When it comes to earning the sort of mega money that could help you fly away on those dream holidays in the sun, move from your two-bedroom flat into a mansion, or simply pack in the boring day job, the lottery has always been a popular option for those who don’t mind taking a chance.

Lottoland offer a slightly different take on the standard concept of taking part in a lottery draw. Instead of buying a ticket, Lottoland offers online lotteries from multiple locations to users, allowing them to bet on the outcome of various lottery draws and to be in with a chance of winning an incredible jackpot. This means Lottoland has been able to do something that normal lotteries can’t: combine offers, promotions and deals with the chance to easily play lotteries around the globe rather than just one, location-specific lottery.

The brand has followed the path of many gambling companies, creating an app that is able to be downloaded on iPhone’s as well as Android. This means online lotteries are able to be played wherever you are, at any time, including when on the move.

Does the app hit the jackpot?

There seems to be a degree of debate about the quality of the app, with this review citing positive features like the double jackpot as well as the excellent customer support available, while some user comments on the Google Play store have noted that some features of the app aren’t the best, including a lack of access to the UK National Lottery (this is prohibited due to the fact it is an exclusive Camelot product).

Win big with lottoland

Not being able to play the UK National Lottery may be slightly annoying for some people using the app, but let’s not forget you can still take part in lotteries with jackpots of over £100 million, which suggests that those using the app aren’t missing out on a lot, all things considered. Indeed, with instant win notifications and the chance to play scratchcards on the app, there’s no reason why you need to be involved with Camelot at all. This app is effectively a one-stop shop for those who enjoy lottery games.

Not just offers?

Despite offering a great range of games, offering instant win notifications and boasting many more features, the key aspect for many spending their hard-earned cash is the level of security on offer. Lottoland may be a newer name to those who enjoy lotteries but they are licensed by the UKGC and therefore have to ensure that they meet very strict conditions when it comes to the security of deposits. Lottoland is also backed by leading insurance companies, so if you’re using the app and are concerned you won’t receive that life-changing sum, you can have peace of mind that the company will definitely pay out.

Like many apps, the usability could be improved, but for an ‘on-the-go’ betting and lottery app, this one seems to tick pretty much all the right boxes.

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