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MMA Fights to Look Forward to in 2020

Conor McGregor

For those who like any type of combat sport, 2020 is shaping up to be a great year already. We have a number of big bouts lined up, some big names coming back to action and plenty of this is set to take place in the world of MMA.

We already have two huge UFC fights booked in for the early part of 2020, including one big name making a comeback, making this an exciting time for fans. Here is a look at the big two events coming our way from the UFC in 2020, which should be more than enough to get you excited for the new year.

The Return of Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in MMA, sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for the wrong. He is set to return in January 2020 in what looks like being a year that will decide his future as a fighter. If he comes back and impresses he is in line to challenge in the big events later this year, while a disappointing showing could be the beginning of the end for him.

McGregor will return to action on January 18 with a fight against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. He has stated that he would like to fight three times in 2020 and wants a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It is expected that many fans will be sitting down to enjoy the first big fight of the year and to keep occupied during the night in between fights on the undercard they will want something to do. With a group of friends together, many turn to playing casino online, or even on a casino app like this one from 888. There are some fantastic games that can pass time while also giving you the opportunity to win some money.

Khabib vs Ferguson

As MMA fans what they want to see happen in 2020, and the majority of them will say this. The UFC have once again booked this fight, for the fifth time, with the previous other four scheduled meetings all being cancelled for a variety of reasons. That has only added to the excitement surrounding this bout, fans are desperate for it to happen, so fingers crossed it does.

The fight is scheduled to take place on April 18 in Brooklyn, if both fighters make it there of course. The reason this has been set up for the fifth time, and why fans want to see it happen is because Tony Ferguson appears to be the man who can give Khabib something to think about.

Khabib has a perfect record of 28-0 as things stand, while Ferguson has a 12 fight winning run that stretched back to 2012. The hype surrounding this fight is only going to grow as we get closer to fight date and the possibility of this happening increases.

This could well turn out to be the most anticipated and best fight from any combat sport in 2020, and one that fans have been waiting to see for a number of years.

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