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If you’re like me then you’ll have spent your fair share of time at an online casino. If the place is any good, then it will have kept me going with my $50 for quite some time. Sometimes it will eat it up in one gulp if I’m feeling particularly risky, but other times I can make it last an entire night – especially if I’m only playing with 10c spins on the slots. But online casinos really have that knack of keeping you coming back. Don’t judge me though, you spend your $50 on a night out, I spend mine playing at mobile friendly casinos from home.
Yeah, I’ve been playing these for quite some time now, and I can 100% say that my favorite one’s keep me coming back for more even when I don’t want to or shouldn’t really. Not that I will use any money that I need, but I have gotten lucky a few times with decent sized wins, and sometimes the offers are just to good to pass on.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of ways that mobile casinos keep you coming back, and how they can benefit you as a player.


When I started signing up for mobile casino offers, it was purely for the no deposit spins. I would sign up to the casino and get myself free spins, but without depositing anything. Sometimes I would win, other times I wouldn’t. Nevertheless, I wasn’t risking anything at all but my time, and it was an entertaining way to try out the platforms before making a first deposit. After a few attempts they never really gave me any offers after that. I guess these places are wise to people like me who just sign up for the free promos. It wasn’t until I became a real depositing player, that the truly enticing offers started rolling in.

Once I became a regular player though, mobile casino offers would come thick and fast. Free spins, free bets, free table coins, birthday bonuses, you name it. Why? Because they want me to play more. If they can get me back to their mobile app with their free bets, then who’s to say I wouldn’t find a little time for an extra visit.

Keeping it fresh

Routines are important but nothing quite says give me a try like a new game to play on your mobile device. Whether it’s table games, or high jackpot rollers, or a new section in the mobile sports betting app, any type of fresh content will keep the player engaged. That’s why online casinos rarely have the same games all the time. Even if it’s a bit of redesign or update of the app, it still has that feeling of freshness. Players enjoy new content.


Jackpots and large wins are completely a casino thing, right? The amount of times I’ve kept playing because that I think a jackpot is “just within my grasp” and eventually, slowly but surely, lost all my money is insane. I’ve never won a humongous jackpot before, but I’ve won amounts like $1000 in the past, and it’s set up so that you keep coming back for more. Of course, I’m going to come back for more, I’m getting a lot of enjoyment out of these!

You’d think the promotions would stop after winning $300, but they don’t. If you’re a good player then you’ll keep getting them. It’s all devised to keep you entertained and coming back.

Just be safe when playing

Keep in mind that when playing at your favorite mobile casino that the house will always win in the end. You can often find luck, but there’s no way that you’re going to beat the system. If you can understand that mobile casinos are a fun and engaging way to spend time, then you’ll be fine. And you’ll be able to safely come back for more.

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