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Online casino and cyber threats

Cyber threats

Online casinos have made gambling easier and fun, but there are always security risks when you play with your money online. Although, there is still new exciting casinos coming out with much better winnings policy than others, one should always be careful when engaging your payment details. Here are some tips against the risks you can encounter!

How to avoid “rogue” casinos:

The first thing you will want to check to ensure safety is the casino blacklist. A legitimate blacklist will list casinos which have been condemned by players for stealing winnings. If you are thinking of using a new online casino, make sure to check online casino guides in the likes of Casino Range in the UK, to make sure it is not on a blacklist.

Moreover, a trustworthy online casino needs to be licensed in a legal jurisdiction, which is something they will indicate at the bottom of the page. Some of the more reputable jurisdictions are the United Kingdom, Malta, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Kahnawake. By obtaining a license, casinos agree to comply with a set of rules, ensuring a certain level of protection to the player.

If you see that a casino is licensed, but you are not sure about the place of jurisdiction, you can quickly double-check that the jurisdiction is habilitated to issue casino licenses.

You should also check multiple forums and reviews of a potential casino, reputation being a good way for casinos to build trust. If you hear about rogue behaviours, you are better off not trying your luck there. Some symptoms of rogue behaviour can be slow or no pays, sudden changes in terms of use, locked accounts and forced bonuses. The latter action can occur when too many people are cashing out, and rogue casinos want to keep their money and force bonuses on players. If one of these things happen to you or if you hear about them, you are better off trying to cash out if you have an account there, and leave the platform.

A legitimate, trustworthy casino will always ensure customer service. To double-check the trustworthiness of a casino, you should try to call or get in touch with customer service before placing your bet. You will notice that a rogue casino won’t have a customer service policy. Or it will have a fake one disguised through an unhelpful automated system that will not help you once you try reaching it.

How to avoid hackers

Another thing you want to avoid is for the casino website to be vulnerable. Check that the site has an SSL certificate (https:// in the URL), meaning that your connection is encrypted. As such, hackers will not be able to get your personal information stored on the website.

Another way to avoid cyber threats on gambling websites is to keep a separate account for your online gambling transactions. Not only will it make your taxes more manageable, but it will also limit potential hacker’s access to your finances. You can also avoid leaving too much money on your casino account if you want to avoid significant losses.

Another must is to keep different passwords on every platform and make them hard to guess.

In short, a little bit of research on the Internet and a hinge of common sense will go a long way when it comes to security.

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