The best way to play mobile casino games is not through an app

Browser casino games

Gambling on smartphones and tablets is huge. Most betting sites see more than 70% of their customer base, placing bets through apps on iPhone and Android. However, there is a distinct difference between sports betting and playing casino games, and while it does make sense to use an app for the former, it doesn’t for the latter.

Casino Games require a lot of stuff

Online Casinos are platforms that host a wealth of games, from hundreds or thousands of online slots to table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker. Think about it for a second; imagine you had hundreds of board and card games at home. Figures, dice, boards and cards for each game. That’s a lot of stuff, right?

Online Casinos are no different. To provide you with access to their full range of games, they need to store a lot of stuff. When you play on your PC or laptop, all assets required to run games are hosted by the casino company, but when you play on your mobile phone, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore.

“Not enough storage”

Native apps, as you can download them from the Apple or Google Play store, are stored on your smartphone. Now, if you download a mobile casino, you would expect to have the full range of games also stored on your device, right? In theory, that’s correct, but it’s practically impossible.

Smartphones and tablet computers come with limited storage space. It’s the reason Apple and Google introduced free syncing and hosting of your photos in the cloud. To free up space on your device. If you were to download a fully-featured mobile casino onto your smartphone, your mobile device would quite literally blow-up and stop working.

Hence, casino apps only ship with its basic functionality and a minimal selection of games. Each new game you want to try out needs to be download separately and takes up extra space on your phone. With the best mobile casinos offering thousands of games, this might take you a life-time and simultaneously the life out of your iPhone or Android.

The mobile browser to the rescue

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way! As technology has advanced over the past decade, there is much more you can do on the Internet these days, whether on your PC or mobile phone.

Almost all online casinos are fully accessible via the web browser on your smartphone, which means that you can visit their website, register an account, and play straightaway. What’s better; you get immediate access to the full range of games. Other than when downloading an app, mobile casinos on the web host games and features for you. It’s like visiting Youtube where you can view billions of video clips at the click of a button. Simple.

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