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Over the last decade or so, smartphones and other mobile devices have come a long way. It seems like only yesterday we had black and white displays and the most advanced “app” on the whole handset was a simplistic game of snake.

Later on, phones started getting colour screens and polyphonic ringtones. During this era, phones started to feature a rudimentary version of the internet.

Because of technological constraints of these devices, the internet was vastly superior on a desktop computer when compared to a mobile phone. Mobile internet speeds were slow and the phones didn’t support a lot of the required software to get the best experience out of a website.

This meant that, in general, mobile casinos were an inferior version of their desktop counterparts. Many casino games wouldn’t function at all on a mobile device.

Thankfully, theses kind of issues are now a thing of the past. Our Android phones and iPhones are a far cry from their predecessors. Modern phones are incredibly powerful and they now take up a huge percentage of online casino players. These days, you can expect to play pretty much any game that is available on a desktop PC.


It’s not just the phones themselves that have gotten better. The programming languages used to create phone operating systems and apps have also improved significantly in recent years.

In the past, a lot of casino sites were coded using Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash was totally incompatible with mobile, so it meant you wouldn’t be able to play the majority of casino games on your mobile phone.

As phones got more powerful, there was more demand for cross-compatibility. According to experts at CasinoGuide (, a lot of sites and apps are now coded using HTML5, which works on both modern desktop and mobile browsers.

So what does this mean for online casino players? Mainly, this means you won’t need to worry about any compatibility issues on your favourite casinos. If you can play a game on your mobile phone or on your tablet, there is a good chance you will also be able to play it on your PC, and vice versa.

There are still certainly compatibility issues between mobile and desktop casinos, but it is much less of an issue these days.

Is an app better?

As you might have noticed, many casino providers have their apps available on the app store. Apps are most commonly created for the iOS and Android operating systems. If you are on something more obscure, you might have a harder time finding apps that work on your device.

Just because an app has been created doesn’t automatically mean the app is the best experience. Some sites have an app, plus you can use the browser version on your mobile device.

Sometimes, you might find a company’s app isn’t all that well put together. There might be a lot of bugs or maybe it has a tendency to crash. If this happens to you, try going to the provider’s website and see how the mobile version of the page works.

If an app is coded well, it’ll give you a lot of great features you simply couldn’t pull off on the browser-based version of the site. It’s always worth giving the app a chance, even if a casino has a site that works fine on a browser.

Give mobile casinos a chance

Mobile casinos are a great way to get some quality entertainment when you are on the go. In the past, the measure of a mobile casino’s success would be how well it stacks up against the desktop version of the site.

These days, however, that is pretty much a given. The number of people playing by mobile have surged in recent years to the point that many casino sites are offering a better experience on the mobile version of their site.

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