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The Windows vs Linux Debate


Windows vs Linux is a debate that has been in place for nearly three decades now. This thought might have crossed the minds of slot machine players who are looking for new slot games. Should they own a Linux-based device to play their favourite slot machine or should they use a Windows machine to place bets?

Everyone who owns a computer or laptop has gone through this crisis of thought. Should they opt for evergreen Windows or should they go for Linux that gives them more control over their device?

Here in this post, we hope to make this picture somehow clearer to you, and then you can easily make a decision about choosing between these two opponents. Using your preferred operating system, you can then go on to play your favourite game and search for new ones.

What makes Windows the King

Windows was first released in 1985 and was the culmination of relentless efforts of Bill Gates and his team. Gradually it went on to become the operating system that defined the era of the microcomputer or desktop machines. Windows kept on releasing updates over the years, and every new version seemed to be better than the previous one. Their most recent release is the 10th version.

Because of its beautiful Graphical User Interface or GUI, as it is known, it became effortless to work on Windows-based machines. People from all walks of life started to own computers. Whether you are a gardener or a tech-savvy engineer, this software is equally easy to use. The operating system later expanded to mobile phones as well.

Why You Can’t Ignore Linux

While Windows remains the operating system for the average user, if you ask a person who is looking for improving device performance and increase his control over the device, his answer would be Linux is better. The system was released in the 1990s by legendary Linus Torvalds, who dreamt of an unrestricted world where the money would not control access to technology.

Windows comes with certain restrictions, which are not easy to bypass and hence creates unnecessary limits for the user. On the other hand, Linux provides more control to the user, where even making Kernel level changes is allowed.

Head on Comparison


While Linux and most of its libraries remain absolutely free, Windows demands a fee from the user. Once you have obtained a license for Windows, you can use it for any purpose you want to. However, many times you do not get a permit to use popular products, even after owning the official license. This adds to an added cost and deters many users.

Access and Usability

While you can perform any kind of function, technical or non-technical about both types of operating systems, the fact remains that Windows is easier to use than Linux. This has to do with the fact that Linux development is handled by an open-source community of independent developers, Windows is a corporate product.

Customer Support

The next important thing that determines usability is the presence of customer support. Windows being a corporate product, has a dedicated support staff, spread globally, and you can get home assistance even.

On the other hand, Linux is supported by an enthusiastic developer base who would go out of their way to find a solution to your problem. Hence, if you are ready to walk the extra mile, the Linux support community can be more helpful than Windows support staff.


Linux wins this battle, hands down. There is no chance that a corporate-owned product could compete with open-source software. The entire code of Linux is online, and if someone doesn’t like one particular version of it, he or she will sit for hours, and after a few hundred lines of codes, they would create an entirely new version of Linux.

On the other side, Windows opt for a repeated release process where they roll out a version and then would release updates, patches and other things related to that version. Only they can authorize these releases.


So after delving into the technical details, it is an appropriate time for us to announce a verdict. And the answer is none! Yes. None of them is better than the other. They both are incredible products that have helped users immensely.

So choosing between Linux and Windows would be a very personal choice, more akin to choosing your favourite perfume or choosing a favoured slot. The thing with slot machines, just like operating systems, is that you can’t have an absolute prefered. One title might offer ample free spins; the other might offer a big jackpot.

So players can choose any of the operating systems, depending on their preference. Once they have chosen one for themselves, they would love to play free slot machines on their newly owned device.

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