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Three Out-of-the-Box Gambling Games to Try on Your Android

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When it comes to keeping ourselves entertained, most of us turn to our smartphones for assistance. Filled with a whole host of apps, as well as access to the internet, streaming sites, and our social media platforms, they very rarely let us down.

However, there are times when we fancy something slightly different, and that’s when we can find ourselves stuck for ideas. Luckily, for those who enjoy gambling games, there is a solution. In fact, you don’t even need to look far if you’re on the hunt for some variety, because there are a whole host of online options you probably haven’t tried your hand at.

Here are a few to turn to when you want to mix things up a bit.

Online bingo

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Are you a big fan of classic gambling games like poker or slots? If so, you may find some variety to your usual options with a game of online bingo. Providers like Paddy Power have dozens of different titles to choose from, so your internet experience is likely to be quite different to popping down to your local bingo hall. As well as finding an awful lot more variety than you’re accustomed to, you’ll also discover some very attractive jackpots and fantastically low ticket prices.

Scratch cards

When you think of scratch cards, you most likely envisage the little bits of paper you can pick up from your local corner shop or supermarket, but the online version has a lot more to it. With dozens of different options for you to choose from, these are available from lots of different providers, but not all of them are created equal. You’ll want to take a look not only at how much it costs to play, but how much you could potentially win too. If you do manage to bag a prize, a cash injection should immediately appear in your account, with this sense of instant gratification being a major upside to playing online.


Slot machine

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If you’re tired of more generic slot options but don’t want to stray too far from what you’re used to, why not take a peek at some jackpots too? Upping the ante a little (or, in some cases, a lot!), these offer the highest possible payout. This naturally makes them a great option for thrill-seekers, with some of the amounts you can win being arguably life-changing. However, do remember that with greater rewards comes greater risk, so perhaps save your jackpot play for special occasions and always ensure that you play responsibly.

When it comes to gaming online, there are so many enjoyable options out there, ranging from more traditional fare such as poker and roulette through to scratch cards, bingo, and jackpots. That’s why, to get the most out of the experience, we recommend experimenting, being sure to step out of your comfort zone as often as you’re able.

Tell us, which of these three great games will you sit back and enjoy first?

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