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Tiger Woods is back, so can he win a major in 2022 at odds of 50/1?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is back which we’re sure is a shock to everyone and no, we can’t believe it either. If the moment hadn’t already arrived then it has now, as the time to ever try and foretell what path Woods’ career will take next is well and truly over given how often this superhuman individual rises from the ashes. The long and short of it is that you can’t ever write him off because of his insatiable appetite to carry on winning. Indeed, make no mistake, with hundreds of millions in the bank, Woods didn’t need to put himself through excruciating physiotherapy to return but he did, which begs the question: can he win another major in 2022 because it sure looks like he is preparing himself to do just that.

Even writing that sentence makes you automatically have an out-of-body experience given how unlikely the prospect seemed to be in February 2021. Tellingly, however, the most recent golf odds don’t give Woods a price for the upcoming Masters in the spring which suggests that the experts think that the showdown in Augusta National will come too early for Woods in terms of recovery.

However, the latest golf tips do predict that Woods will be back at his competitive best in time for the Open in July. Indeed, Woods has been priced at 50/1 to win what will be a landmark playing of the Open as it will be the 150th edition of the tournament and hosted at St Andrews, the widely accepted ‘Home of Golf.’

The plot thickens though as Woods won the 129th edition of the Open at St Andrews in 2000 after winning by an astonishing eight shots and followed that up in 2005 by winning by a margin of five shots to claim the Open. Even if that some time ago now, there’s already a narrative developing here about Woods’ chances of doing the impossible by claiming his 16th major at the Old Course and before you stop reading this article in protest at such a preposterous claim, keep in mind, as briefly touched on, how futile it is to write Woods off.

After all, it was only ten months ago that Woods needed surgery on significant open fractures to his lower right leg after he crashed his car. It was thought then that Woods’ career was finished but here we are, with the 45-year-old teeing it up at the PNC Championship before the end of 2021. With this in mind, you’re left thinking that a sportsperson only really pushes themselves this hard if they are intent on winning upon their comeback, given that nothing about the backbreaking work they’ve had to complete in order to get into a position to compete again says that they’re content with making up the numbers.

In other words, Tiger Woods is back and he’s ready to play for keeps again which should send shockwaves through the world of professional golf. Few thought the big cat would ever prowl again but he’s proved everyone wrong and is very much on the hunt once more.

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