Tools to Enhance Your Betting

Betting apps are getting stronger with each new version or update, now being able to handle thousands of markets, live streaming, and in some cases, gaming as well. The online betting scene is incredibly competitive, and this has spilt into the mobile betting arena, with each operators looking for new and innovative ways to get their app ahead.

Despite how advanced these betting apps have become, not all of them boast the tools that you need when betting. Many of the best operators, as you’ll see below, provide tools which enhance your betting experience, but for some, you’ll want to download other tools to your phone.

From being able to game with your betting provider to getting odds for your customised bet, these are the top mobile tools that you should look for in-app and via external apps to enhance your betting.

Seeing live scores from all over the world

Brazil at the World Cup

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In-play betting has become wildly popular with mobile bettors, with betting on the go being made even better by live odds. All of the top betting apps in the UK like the William Hill app and Betfair app boast vast in-play betting markets across a huge range of sports. However, if you want to follow scores for potential betting opportunities, you’ll often find it a cumbersome or disjointed process through the apps unless you bet on all of the ones that you want to follow.

The best way to get around this is to get a live scores app, with Flash Scores being the app of choice. Tracking the live scores across 38 different sports and thousands of games, you can add matches to a favourites list in order to get instant notifications of key events. With the FlashScores app equipped, you can quickly switch tabs from seeing the live scores to betting in-play.

If it’s more of a viewing experience that you seek rather than just keeping tabs on the scores and results, many apps offer the option to live stream certain events. The William Hill app has historically been among the most popular sports betting apps for Apple users, likely bolstered by their range of football, tennis, and horse racing live streaming options for users. The Betfair app has also embraced live streaming as part of its service, offering ‘100,000 streamed events’.

Exploring other gambling possibilities

A lot of people who enjoy sports betting also dabble in other forms of gambling, such as with online casino games. Whether it’s betting on your numbers on the roulette wheel, playing a few hands of blackjack, or seeing if it’s your lucky day with a few bets on the slot machine, it’s nice to have a casino option in a sports betting app.

One of the main reasons for this is that most entirely random casino games boast tremendous odds which would be unfeasible to attain through strategic sports betting. This is one of the primary causes behind online slots accounting for over 13 per cent of the gross gambling yield of Great Britain’s gambling industry. Betting on these games gives the chance to extend your loose winnings where sports odds cannot. Most sports betting apps have separate casino apps, but the BetVictor app has been able to bundle the complete gambling experience into one.

Helping with your betting research

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One of the key elements of enjoying the betting experience, be it gaming or sports betting, is doing the research first to ensure that your wagers aren’t wasted and that you have a real chance of winning. With sports betting, you need to keep up with team news and stats surrounding the upcoming game.

Some UK betting apps will supply their players with genuinely helpful and insightful blogs or news feeds that cover upcoming matches and other bits of sports news. Almost all top operators will use their social media feeds to relay this information, but bet365 offers a betting news section that’s accessible via the bet365 app. Other external apps like Sky Sports, BT Sport, ESPN, TSN, and BBC Sport can also provide key information depending on the sport at hand.

Helping with your gaming research

As explained above, putting in the time to do the research can really pay off when gambling. While the most popular online gambling games, slots, are entirely random, there are parameters built into the games which determine how often and how much they tend to pay out.

To help people find these games, the SlotCatalog website, which is fully mobile optimised and can be made into an app by pressing ‘Add to Home Screen’ in the Chrome or Safari menu, has compiled these key slot details. Along with their unique ranking system to show you what the top slot games in the UK are on any given day, each slot page shows the RTP percentage and volatility of the slot. Knowing these factors allows you to pick a game on an app like the BetVictor app that will either regularly top up your balance or set you up to play for a big payout.

Converting the odds

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Unfortunately, the language of betting odds isn’t universal, with there being three key formats for odds. In the UK, fractional odds are the most common and are preset for top apps like the Sky Bet Android app, with decimal odds being preferred by some other bookmakers. However, thanks to the internet and the UK’s growing love of the major US sports leagues, American odds of pluses and minuses have begun to creep onto the scene.

If you don’t understand the odds in a new betting app, need it to access niche markets, and can’t find a way to change the format, turn to Odds Converter. The app, found on the Google Play Store, quickly and easily calculates how your given odds would read in the other two major formats.

Get the bets that you want

Requesting odds has become a revelation for online bettors. Before Sky Bet heavily advertised the innovative #RequestABet, bettors were often restrained by single-market bet slips. The Sky Bet Android app and BetVictor app both allow you to request odds within the app itself. Some other bookmakers still ask that you use Twitter to request odds, so downloading the Twitter app may be needed to access this now quite a common feature.

There are many ways to boost your mobile betting experience, so be sure to check these apps before you place your next wager.

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