7 Marketing Trends that could Drive Tremendous Growth for your App in 2020

App Marketing Trends

If you are like many app owners, you are hopeful 2020 will be an excellent year for your business. But so do thousands of app marketers around the world. If you want to drive growth for your app in the next twelve months, consider tapping on the following marketing trends.

Live Videos

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube live videos have been creating a buzz online for the last several years. From celebrities to athletes, businesses to regular social media users, nearly all social media users have learned to love live videos.

With their popularity on the rise, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make live videos to promote your app in 2020. After all, 82% of social media users claim they prefer live video ads to sponsored blog. What’s more, statistics show live videos can increase conversion rates by up to 64%.

Before you begin broadcasting live videos, however, beware of using poor-quality videos. People think negatively of companies that use substandard videos for their promotions. High definition is the lower standard for video quality. So, if you can afford full HD or 4K videos, you might end up recording more viewers.

Business insider believes these are the best platforms for live video marketing:

  • Facebook Live—17%
  • YouTube—16%
  • Snapchat Live Stories—12%
  • Periscope—9%
  • Twitter—9%
  • You now— 8%
  • Others—5%

The Sociable CEO

Startups, more so blockchain businesses, have been involving their executives in marketing since the crypto industry launched in 2009. Think of Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, NEO’s CEO Da Hongfei, and Binance’s owner Changpeng Zhao.

Executives of some of the most successful crypto businesses are also exceedingly vocal in their organizations. They spearhead their startups’ campaigns on twitter, attend conferences where necessary, and even interact with potential customers.

All signs show more and more executives will play more prominent roles in their businesses’ marketing campaigns. Don’t miss out on that wave if you own or at least market an app of some kind. Hold sessions where you answer questions from app users. Make a live video or write some of your company’s blog posts.

In other words, strive to be the face of your app. And in doing so, you’ll be promoting your company’s brand and enhancing its reputation. It could also help increase downloads depending on how well you run your marketing campaigns.

Providing Value for Money

Marketing your app aggressively without giving people value for their money is getting obsolete. In 2020 and beyond, the most successful marketers will be people who impress prospects by promising them excellent value in exchange for buying their apps or using their services.

Take the online casino industry. Gambling sites don’t just promise you great blackjack and poker games. They give you betting credits to play the games for free before you even deposit money. And if you top up, you get a matched bonus to increase your budget.

New casinos, in particular, love impressing new players with their bonus promotions. They could award you up to 500% of your first deposit as a bonus. And depending on the site’s generosity, it could reward you on your second, third, and fourth deposits. They list new casinos at FruitySlots. The casinos have licenses from the UKGC and work smoothly on both desktops and mobile devices.

Shoppable Posts

One of the biggest challenges for online entrepreneurs is to convert social media users into buying customers. But thanks to a series of new apps, your customers can buy products easily without leaving social networks.

Instagram’s checkout feature is the best tool for shoppable posts so far. With the feature, all you need is to post in-app items on Instagram. Of course, these must be sales copies in which you want people to buy what you sell.

Apart from Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest also have tools to help businesses sell products directly through social media. Although the tools might not be effective for all apps, you can try them out. After all, most of them come free of charge.

However, make sure you also work on building trusts with potential customers before you start to sell products on social media. Post lots of helpful content. Answer questions and resolve complaints sent on your inbox sections.

 Influencer Marketing

You are probably guilty of it: buying products or downloading apps advertised by famous people. You don’t? Lots of people do, which is why many brands have been partnering with celebrities in the last several years.

In many cases, partnering celebrities are not hugely famous. A gaming app company could collaborate with a relatively renowned Twitch streamer. An upcoming music app could partner with a Sound cloud rapper or an Instagram famous model.

The best part of influencer marketing is that it’s inexpensive, and it works. Some influencers charge brands as little as $50 per post. Now imagine paying $500 to a celebrity with 500,000 fans on Instagram to promote your app twenty times.

Even if only 5% of the influencer’s followers download the app, you’ll have gained 25,000 new downloads. Depending on how you market your app to the new customers, you could earn a lot more money from your $500 investment. If you partner with multiple celebrities, you could drive your app’s growth tremendously.

The Takeaway

Many of the marketing trends that could help promote your app in 2020 have been around for a while. But due to multiple reasons, trends like sociable CEO’s and shoppable posts haven’t gained a lot of attention.

Like all great marketers, adopt most of the trends outlined above because they work and figure out how to use them to promote your app. Some of them don’t even cost money, so put in the effort, and you could witness high returns in 2020.

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