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The Best UK Real Money Slots Ranked

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The UK has always had an affiliation with slot machines. British citizens are partial to gambling, with over 47% claiming to enjoy putting a bet on. Historians can trace the lineage of it back to the 16th century when the rich congregated in spas to gamble and enjoy themselves. Eventually, Queen Elizabeth introduced England’s first national lottery around 1566, and betting on horse racing became prominent in the late 17th century.

The storied history of betting paves the way for the gamblers of today. Since the introduction of online betting and the development of smartphones, players have enjoyed games like real money slots at the touch of a button (or screen!). Mobile apps and games have enhanced this further, and now there are a plethora of options for the average gamer. However, to get a clear picture of the advantages of playing online, you should check out, but what are the best real money slots in the UK?

5) Rocky Slot

The Italian Stallion comes in at number five with a flurry of quick jabs. The Rocky inspired theme gives this slot a certain vintage allure that will attract young and old alike. The Rocky films were iconic and inspired multiple generations as well as entertain them endlessly. The story of Sylvester Stallone himself awe-inspiring.

The slot itself is a 5-reel 25-payline slot that puts you up against some of the film series greatest adversaries. With a variety of coin value from £0.01 to £5 and a max line bet of £50, it’s possible to win £1250 per spin! It seems to be the optimum game for the high rollers out there.

4) Little Britain Slot

“Computer says no!” Contrary to the iconic show, this time the computer says yes! Little Britain dominated televisions screens in the 2000s and was synonymous with British culture. The legendary duo of Matt Lucas and David Walliams capture the zeitgeist for many everyday Brits in the most humorous manner.

It isn’t any wonder that it comes in as one of the UK’s most beloved slots. The amalgamation of familiarity, nostalgia and hilarity combine to deliver an excellent slot. The 5-reel slot may appear simple, but it’s the incorporation of some of the most laughable characters that makes it so enjoyable.

3) Millionaire Genie Slot

We take a step away from film or TV themed slots for the moment to present a legendary game in the world of real money slots: Millionaire Genie Slot. It is revered for its huge cash prizes, with a progressive jackpot. It is won randomly and drops at least once a year, with an average payout of £2,154,268. That is an astronomical sum of money for someone to win, and it’s what makes the game so legendary.

It has a coin value range of £0.1-£10, with a bet value of the same degree. It has autoplay, five reels, 15 paylines, free spins, a max bet of £150 and even a bonus round. With regards to online slots, it’s one of the best out there.

2) Terminator II

“I’ll be back!” Back to movie-themed slots, that is. Everybody is familiar with the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic. The retired bodybuilder plays the cyborg assassin in a sci-fi cult phenomenon. However, this time the cyborg gas been sent to help players and a young John Connor win at this enticing game.

The graphics and edits of the characters make it visually appealing, but it’s the 243 win line and free spins that make it such an attractive prospect for players.

1) Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park became a seminal film in the 90s. Steven Spielberg brought the dinosaurs to life on screen and revolutionised how a film crew can use special effects in cinema. Many of those amazing shots that are used on the big screen translate over to the online slot. The cut scenes and beautiful symbols make it a riveting game that is visually pleasing.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs, after all? Along with all the amazing details, it has a high RTP at 96.67%, autoplay, quick spins, five reels, and an astounding 243-way paylines. As the game that keeps on giving, it also provides free spins and a bonus round. There is plenty to love about this slot.

The UK is very prevalent in the world of online casinos, and these are just some of the games that you can choose. Be sure to check out the reviews before you play to get the right slot for you.

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